Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don't throw away what you already have

All my students are very intelligent. All of them have got an A in their hands.

I said, all. Every single one of them. 3NA, 4NA and 5NA.

Some students hold on to their As vehemently.

They asked for extra lessons, consultations. They listened to lessons attentively and participated in every way they could. They did their homework seriously and hand up on time.

Homework. A very important tool of communication between the students and teachers. Homework are not meant to make life difficult for students. For every piece of assignment for the students, it would mean a 40 times amount of work for the teachers.

Homework is practice. Homework is also feedback; feedback of your progress and understanding. Never mind, students will never understand the value of feedback until they are deprived of it.

On the other hand, some students allow their As to dangle precariously on their fingertips.

They choose not to do their work. They'd tell the teachers they are not interested in the subject, nor learning. They cook up lame stories. They break their promise time after time.

If you are still in slumber, its time to wake up. An A grade (or B grade, pass grade, whatever) is not elusive.

You already have it.

Just, don't throw away what you already have.

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