Monday, August 3, 2009


I stayed at home for the whole of yesterday, but it wasn't boring at all. Look at what happened around my house.

No idea where they came from. My sister and I rushed to shut all the windows and took a video. Have you watched "The day the earth stood still"? The scene is reminiscent to the finale, in which all the alien insects start to chomp down buildings after buildings. (Okay, I exaggerated. haha)

While doing my usual 5km run around the neighbourhood, I came across the GRC's National Day celebration beside a temple in Sengkang. Residents from neighbouring blocks gathered around the big field and waited for the firework display. Some brought chairs and titbits. I have never lived in Kampong before, but I think that's pretty kampong-ish. =)

School term has started for me, I'm not exactly looking forward to it. In this aspect, I can empathize with you guys. But we still have to give our best in whatever we do right? All the best to you if you are preparing for prelims. On a side note, if you use twitter, drop me a note! Follow me on twitter.

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