Saturday, March 20, 2010

HIMB rocks at SJC

Size matters, for some people.

Not for the Holy Innocents' High School Military Band guest performance on March 19 at the school hall of St. Joseph Convent.

With only 30 members, and the support of the alumni, the band was a strong team to be reckoned with. Perhaps it would be apt to call them the chilli padis - small but powerful.

"The band has become much smaller compared to my time, a senior exclaimed. "But it has also made so much improvements."

The concert, Encore III, was presented by the CHIJ SJC and Holy Innocents' High Military Band was invited to perform for the second half of the concert.

Hence, the repertoire was chosen with care to bring energy and zest to the audience.

Clarinetist Rima Melissa mesmerized the crowd with her virtuosic solo performance in the piece, Believe, by Yakisawa Shimushi.

On the other hand, Band Major Marvin Yeo led the band in Stand by Me, a familiar song specially for the more senior crowd amongst the audience.

American R&B legend, Earth, Wind & Fire took center stage in the concert when the band played a medley of their songs, including popular hit "September."

Bringing audience sentiments to sky high, the band literally got the audience to "wave their hands up in the air" when they played "We're all in this together" with members from the SJC band.

It was undoubtedly a great performance.

"Thank you everyone for the wonderful show," band instructor Mr. Jeffrey said.

The band will be making its next appearance in the Cafe@HIHS concert on April 16.

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