Friday, June 26, 2009


Pizzale Michelangelo @ Florence, Italy

I experienced the most beautiful sunset in Florence, Italy during the June holidays. It was sublime. You can just keep sitting there for hours after hours and never grow sick of it.

And yes, sunset in Italy at this time of the year last for hours. The picture was taken at around 9pm in the evening.

There's also a tendency to get a little emo because when "it's" so beautiful, you just can't help it.

It's beyond words to describe.

Florence is a beautiful place - I would urge everyone to go there at least once in your life - to take a look at high Renaissance art, or just to talk a walk in the beautiful city. And if you are like me, who is interested in architecture, Florence has this very famous, imposing, Gothic style cathedral - Basilica di Santa Maria del Flore.

I had an "archi"-high in Italy. If you are interested in Fascist aesthetics, Rome (the capital of Italy) has some fascist architecture, though not as impressive as those you'd see in Germany, North Korea or China.

There are many reasons to travel - shopping, sight-seeing, work, or simply to get away from all that silliness of our lives. Travel gives you a broader perspective of life, and makes you realise the futility of certain things we do.

You may learn something, unlearn something, and relearn something, be it for the better or worse. The greatest thing you'll learn is that nothing is absolute in life, ironically.

So, pack your bag. Muster your courage. Just go out.

Florence Cathedral, Florence, Italy

The Pantheon, Rome, Italy

Vatican Museum, The Vatican (do you know the Vatican is the smallest country in the world?)

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  1. Awesome blog posting - absolutely stunning sunset photo. I've included this in my list of top Florence postings - see Florence, Italy