Friday, April 17, 2009

I don't like to scold students

Not at the first lesson especially.

It dampened my mood for the whole day and I feel somewhat guilty over it. Despite the fact that I absolutely cannot tolerate rudeness in my class, I thought I could have handled the situation better.

I like 3A1. I have liked them when I went in for relief. I chatted with a number of them and found that they are a fun and friendly bunch of people. Character wise, they are genuine and honest - something I appreciate as a teacher, but never noticed when I was a student.

For today's class, many students were great! I appreciate the active participation and enthusiasm. Of course, there's always some who have decided to sit far away, as if they were third party observers.

I wished that I had more time to get to know the students. I wished the marker pen worked properly today. I wished I had a more conducive venue for the lesson instead of CPA3. I wished that there's no mid-year exams, so I don't need to rush through the revision. I wished that I didn't have to scold anyone and kill the initial momentum that was building up rather well.

I'm sorry. The next lesson, let's all be better learners.

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