Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kaypoh Times


  1. I can see you are definitely trying to work around the constraint of space! And this is a very real fact in life - we have limited time and capacity for the things happening around us, and hence we have to make good choices. You have an interesting mix of news - perhaps you could explain why you chose the article on Wonder girls announce new album, US tour instead of the Wonder Girls in Singapore news article?

  2. 90% of grads found jobs within 6 months

    The article that I have chosen is relevant to youth around my age. It features about 90% of graduates being able to find jobs despite the bad economy within 6 months in Singapore .I believe it will encourage readers to continue their pursuit in studies and not worry about unemployment after graduating. (Elicia)

    Teens gather for 'picnics'-- with Booze

    I chose this article because i find that it is quite relevant to the people i am targeting at. My target audience are youths aged 13-17, who are still under the legal age limit for drinking. I want to let them be aware of this news because underage drinking is actually illegal and one could get caught for that. (Jolynnnnnn)

    Wondergirls Announces New Album

    I chose this article because nowadays teenagers are crazy over Korean pop stars and our main audience is secondary and junior college students. This article is relevant to teenagers so I believe that it will attract their attention when reading the newspaper.(Nian Yao)

    'Always On' Lifestyle Leads to Stress

    I chose this article because I feel that stress is a common thing that all teenagers face in this age. From this article, we can learn how to cope with stress and prevent stress in this ever-changing society as well as letting youths know that other youths also face the same thing called ‘stress’. (Belicia)

  3. Private Photos Not So Private

    A 30-year-old woman found that one of her photo albums on social networking site Facebook was available to more people that she expected. The album, consist of a friend's hen night, was supposed to be accessible to a select group of friends on the site. There were also photos that people thought they had private it in facebook, was leaked from their facebook page and was loaded onto several porn websites. (Melia)

  4. Elicia - good! You have stated the purpose very clearly - which is to encourage students to continue with their pursuit of their studies, or perhaps their dream career!

    Jolynn - good! You have also state your purpose very clearly - warning youngsters not to engage in underage drinking as it may get them into some serious trouble!

    Nianyao - You have mentioned that the article would attract the attention of your audience because they are crazy over WonderGirls. But wouldn't it be better to choose the article on WonderGirls coming to Singapore instead?

    Belicia - good! You have very clear objective in choosing the article - to raise awareness on the stress issue that your target audience face. You also have a good point when you mentioned that hey, you (target audience) are not alone! so let's cope well together.

    Well done, people.