Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kaypoh Times


  1. Good choices. However, your newspaper name does not reflect the kind of articles you have. "Kaypoh" (Singlish, ahem!) news are news that are perhaps more gossipy and juicy? Nevertheless, good job! And I'm looking forward to reading your justification!

  2. Our group's newspaper, "The Kaypoh Times", targets students from the secondary schools and junior colleges.
    We chose the article because we find the articles would be able to attract these students' attention.
    "The Wonder Girls" article would be able to attract people who are crazy about korean artists.
    While the article about graduates successfully find jobs in less than 6months, this article is able to prepare the students better for future including finding jobs after their studies.

  3. Editors of Kaypoh Times, you have not convinced me through your justification.

    You mentioned that articles would be able to attract attention - but how? Perhaps you could explain further by saying that because the WonderGirls are elite personalities who enjoys high entertainment value. The target audience are crazy about these Korean artists due to a K-pop trend. As this article informs readers that WonderGirls are coming to Singapore for an event, readers would definitely love to know more - hence, the article is able to attract their attention.

    Justifications need to be SPECIFIC and CONVINCING. Press on!