Thursday, April 8, 2010

BreadCity Times


  1. What is Breadcity? Is that a game? I see that you are trying to work around the space constraint! This is definitely a real concern that journalists and editors face. You have also chosen the iPad article, which no other groups have done so. You have also chosen Wondergirl's US tour article instead of their Singapore's events article. Therefore, I'm really interested to read your justification soon!

  2. Target Audience: Secondary & Junior College students in Singapore. [ both male and female between the age of 13-18. ]

    Topics Chosen:

    1.A Whopping good joke ( Apr 6 )
    2. Private photos not so private ( Mar 31 )
    3. S’ Korea wonder girls announce new album, US tour ( Apr 6 )
    4. Teen gather for ‘picnics’ – with booze ( Apr 5 )
    5. JooJoo faces uphill battle against iPad ( Apr 6 )

    Article 1: Firstly, the report was made quite recently so this piece of news is still considered still new. ( The more time that passes, the lesser newsworthy.) Secondly, in consideration for our audiences whom are secondary and junior colleges students, this article is deemed relevant to them. Netizens are recently talking about former Miss Singapore, Ris Low, is currently the hot topic among the youngsters. Teenage Fans who support Ris Low might also gain interest in this news article. Ris Low is also a public figure although made popular in a negative way, teens who reads magazines might have come across her before and would be also drawn into this article about Ris Low. Thus, these reasons are evident that this ‘news’ is relevant. Thirdly, this is also a very unexpected news. No one would have expected Ris Low to be involve in such joke or activity. From her bad English diction and being charged with credit card fraud, everyone thought that she’ll be too ashamed to show herself. But yet, now, she stole the spotlight again. Lastly, the reference to elite persons or personality. Ris Low is also considered as an ‘elite person’ as she have been crowned miss Singapore before but later stepped down. Her distinct personality is what people would look out for. Her own creations of words like ‘BOOMZ & SHINGZ’ are what make her popular among teens.

    Article 2: Firstly, although this news was reported in March 31 it is still considered as a recent news cause everyone uses this online social network called FACEBOOK. This piece of news applies to us at ALL TIMES whether to set your private settings properly or someone could just simply view & download your photos and post it to different kind of websites. Private photos on facebook are available for others to see even if privacy settings are set against it, causing discomfort to the publisher and the others whom aren’t aware of the new settings made from facebook to let users disclose more of their information to the virtual world. Secondly, this is something relevant towards the growing generation, which is, our targeted audiences. With the growing technology, it is impossible for youngsters NOT to use the internet. The context is very attractive towards our audience and it is does only imply to teens but also to other facebook users. Considering the reporter’s purpose in choosing and writing the story, it is focused on one point, that is, privacy in the internet. Some teen users would allow their profile&personal details to be viewed openly but others may do not feel the same. This article mainly points and warns the people whom are very cautious of their privacy on the internet to choose the correct security settings to protect themselves.Thirdly, our reference to emphasize on elite website (facebook). Lastly, this is something expected to some audiences as they would not believe that their ‘trusted’ website did not ensure that everyone was aware about the changes in security settings.

    Article 3: Wonder girls are famous for their Korean pop for which is popular between teenagers these days.

    Article 4: Firstly, this is something relevant to young adults. This article reports about more youths that are underage drinking alcohol.Young people are drinking under legal age and are warned off which is a common sight which worries parents.

    Article 5: iPad along with iPhone, iTouch & iPod are popular among the economy, causing competition in the electronics industry is therefore surfacing.

    By: Jazz, Gladys( 2 humility ) 8.4.10

  3. The more time that passes, the less newsworthy an event is. It was good that your group has taken timeliness into account! Good use of discourse markers such as "Firstly, Secondly and Thirdly etc.." Perhaps you could break them up in paragraphs as well?

    You have brought up an interesting point on the unexpectedness of Ris Low being chosen as a DJ - who would have guessed so in the first place? But now we all know that it was all a prank.

    Another good point that you have brought up is about Ris Low having a unique personality, hence she's able to strike a chord with your target audience. Well done.

    You have rightly identified the purpose and audience of the facebook article. More specifically, I am impressed that you have pointed out that the purpose of the article is to raise the awareness of the FB features on security settings.

    Articles 3 and 5 are not very well elaborated. Are your group members doing their work properly? Teamwork is very important, everyone in the group must take responsibility for the task assigned.