Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Secks Pig's Times


  1. What a name! Must be Yifan's idea. It was interesting that you guys have chosen an article on Miss Philippines. You have also chosen an article on Wondergirls in US. How do you relate them to your target audience? Looking forward to reading your justification.

  2. basically,the miss philippines and wondergirls article doesn't have any link-,- if u wanna link it the it's for teenage philipino

    The target audience of the secks time is the teenagers.We thought that putting in recent pop stars(Wondergirls) would attract more people of our age group.And as most of us is a user of the social networking site,Facebook,i just think that knowing about its danger is necessary.The Ris LoW article is basically just a joke for stressful students like us to....relax and laugh about it...And finally,the miss philipines news is people lose their crown is a hilarious thing and teenagers like that.So in conclusion,the Secks Pig's Times wanted to target the teenagers.Main objective is to be a funny?and informative?paper...(END)

  3. Haha, how many Filipino teenagers are there in Singapore?

    Yep. To attract readers (which is also one of the determinants of how successful a newspaper is), your newspaper must be RELEVANT to your TARGET AUDIENCE. To know about the dangers of Facebook is definitely relevant to your audience. The article WARNS and INFORMS young people about the possible danger on a website that they use on a day-2-day basis.

    Another of your purpose would be to ENTERTAIN using the Ris Low articles.

    Perhaps your group could look at the justification reports of other groups. A justification needs to be SPECIFIC and convincing. Nevertheless, good attempt and press on!