Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Know-it-alls


  1. Good mix of articles and they are relevant to your readers. If I were a JC/Sec School student, I would be very interested to read your newspaper. Your newspaper also has a cute name. Good work.

  2. I chose this article because it is about “Wonder Stars”, a star group in Korea. Many teenagers in Singapore are fans of them and I am sure they would be thrilled and interested about them coming to Singapore. This news is actually worth reading because they would want to know more about their idols. (Lin Tian)
    I chose this article because I am sure that teenagers would be interested in this. This tells us that those so-called rules and civil servants cannot tie us down using law. Even though Singapore is small a few civil servants cannot take down those who break the law, can they? I think it is worthy as it illustrate how useless is law unlike the way they were teaching us. (Patricia)
    This article will provide the students in Junior College (JC) a better understanding of work or job opportunities for them after they graduate and start work. This will help enable them to have a view of the estimated time for them to be able to find themselves jobs after graduation. Therefore, I find this article useful for them. (Charmine)
    I chose this article because it is sort of like a warning to all users to beware of disclosing private pictures and information, and let them read the rules and regulation, and the privacy setting. It is worth reading as people will be interested in something they are involved in. (Liying)
    We chose this article because we think that students nowadays have homework that is piled up to the roof, so there are various schools and company come up with plans for students to have extra time to relax. This is worth reading as there are tips for students under a lot of stress to relieve their
    stress. (everyone)

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