Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Youth Times


  1. Appropriate name for the newspaper. Interesting choice of news articles. Most of the stories are certainly relevant enough to suit the profile of your readers. Why did you choose to include the Miss Philippines article? Looking forward to reading your justification!- mr.tthk

  2. Our group plans to attract young teenager readers to read about our news. And we had chosen some interesting and relevent news to apply to the preference of the teenager. These news could be of an interest to them as it is not only important and worldwide, it is also part of their daily activities and lifestyles.
    The reason in which we chose the Wonder Girls is that it hits top rates and is one of the most common topics among teenagers. They are interested in the updates and events of one of their favourite group.s The readers will be interested to know more about it and while reading, they will also learn more about the usage of grammar.
    Now Ris Low being on the MediaCorp radio station , there would be lots of disagreement about her in which people are concern about.The thoughts and the reaction of public awareness has now gotten to an issue of questioning about Ris low. People wants to know and this news will be appalling to them.
    And an important piece of news for the graduating Junior Collage students is that some might be interested to find a job after graduating.This is part about their lives and future and they will want to know how they will decide for their future and thus will read this new to provide them with more information. We want them to know about these so that they can have a better idea of what to decide about their future.
    Another one about the privicy settings on facebook , as nowdays teenagers are the most common people to be seen on
    facebook.It is important that they must have privacy to their content of their profile.This news is to increase awareness as they were the ones who own a facebook account .It will be helpful and useful if they take note of this and do action.
    Lastly ,the Miss Philippines loses her crown is also a news that people will care about, young people are interestd in fashion ,beauty etc. And thus they will also look out for news on the lastest events and it will also keep them update.
    The Youth News will always keep tracks of new important news to satisifity our young readers. :)

  3. Good that you have mentioned that they are important and have worldwide impact. I am particularly impressed with your justification on why JC students would need to know about the graduate job market - you want them to have a better idea of what to decide for their future.

    You have also mentioned about raising awareness - but raising awareness on what? You have to be a bit more specific.

    Good justification on why the Miss Philippines article should also be selected.

    Very well written justification. But you need to watch out for your grammar and spelling!