Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Newspaper


  1. I see that you guys have chosen news that suit the profile of your readers! Your also have quite a number of "hard" news - articles that are related to cyberwellness, job market, health and crime. Good job and I look forward to reading your justification.- mr. tthk

  2. Justification- The target audience for our newspaper are the youths of our nation. Particularly the secondary and junior collage students. The articles that we have chosen and put together have been and are 'hot' topics amongst youths of our society. Popular topics from the internet too! Topics that are more likely to grab the attention of youngsters. We have chosen these articles and targeted this particular type of audience so we could update them about a few things. Like from health to crime and even jobs. Things they would like to hear about. These topics catch their attention, makes them want to read them and in turn encourage them to do things an example would be reading newspapers more to find out what's going on in the world we live in today. What things people like them are doing out there like how a new record has been made by youths just like them. These are but few of many articles out there that youths like us can relate to and we are determined to get the youngsters attention in THE NEWSPAPER.

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  4. Hello! Thanks for your justification. I was worried that it got lost in the cyberspace! Thank God!

    From the word "hot", I could infer that you are referring to the two news value of timeliness and relevancy: The news article are events that have happened very recently (hence a "hot" topic for discussion) and relevant to the target audience (hence people WANT to discuss about it). Good choices your group has made.

    You have also identified another PURPOSE in choosing the sports article, and that is to ENCOURAGE fellow youngsters to pursue their dreams and know they can be successful.

    Yep, news articles HAVE to be able to capture audience attention - but of course, the reporters have to pracitce good ethics in the selection of the news.

    As you may have already gathered so far, what we read on the newspaper are selected based on certain criteria, and are selected by a group of people, based on their "opinions" on what is important. So are factual recount really facts? (Rmb my first lesson?) You decide for yourself!

    Well written justification. Well done, Christian and company.